Special Announcement

When the Amber rainstorm is in effect, the performance will be held as usual.

If the signal rises to Red or Black and remains after 5:30 p.m., the performance will be cancelled. Further arrangements will be announced later.




A Musical Play by Mr Geoff Oliver

During Drama week, Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 29th April 2017, our school will present five performances of our latest production, a musical play: Colours .

The play is a musical drama written by Geoff Oliver based on ideas suggested by the Core Production Team. It features 11 musical numbers written by our student composers and several dance sequences. The play will also highlight the new stage lighting recently installed with the help of the Past Students’ Association.

The world is grey. There are no colours. Within this world are two tribes – Black and White. The Black World and the White World do not co-exist in harmony. There is rivalry, fear, hatred and division. Life is dull, repetitive and never changes. Younger members of each community find it hard to conform. A boy from the White World unexpectedly meets a girl from the Black World and romance ensues. Other youngsters discover objects that brings colour into their life and through which they feel enriched. They take these colours back to their leaders and introduce them to the community. Despite opposition from the leaders each community begins to adopt the attributes of the new-found colours until eventually, with the help of the Oracle and the Spirit of the Mountain, both communities unite realising that they are actually the same.

Show Dates for COLOURS
Saturday 22nd, Monday 24th, Wednesday 26th,
Friday 28th (Gala Night) ,
Saturday 29th April 2017
Time : 7:00 p.m.
Venue : SMCC Hall
Running Time : Approx 2 hrs 30 mins including two intervals (15 minutes @)
Ticket Prices : $100#, $180#, $250, $500
# Prices not available on 28th & 29th April

學校戲劇週:公演音樂劇 -「色彩」

本校謹訂於二零一七年四月二十二日(星期六)至二十九日(星期六)公演五場英語音樂劇 「色彩」

本年度的音樂劇由Mr Geoff Oliver 擔任編劇和導演,劇本的意念來自學生製作團隊,師生們同心攜手,旨在讓嘉賓和校友再次沉浸在聖瑪利一年一度充滿藝術氣息的戲劇氛圍中。本劇的主要內容由十一首原創樂曲和舞蹈序列串聯而成,故事情節豐富,再配合由舊生會鼎力協助募捐裝置的全新舞台燈光,效果讓人目不暇給,歎為觀止。




日 期:二零一七年四月二十二日(星期六)
時 間:晚上七時正(音樂劇全長約兩小時三十分鐘,當中包括兩節各十五分鐘的中場休息)
地 點:本校禮堂
票 價: $100#,$180#,$250,$500


  Appeal for Donation - Stage Lighting in School Hall  

For donation , please fill in the Donation Form, attach a crossed cheque made payable to
“The IMC of St. Mary’s Canossian College” , and mail to
St. Mary’s Canossian College, 162 Austin Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.
Please mark “Stage Lighting” on the envelope.

Donation form (pdf)    Donation form (word)