The St. Marian  聖瑪利報

1st Issue, December 2017



Editors Note


Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Basilia Louie 5C


Teacher Advisors: Ms Joanna Chow Ms Queenie Lam


English Section:

Jean Lau 4A    Gianna Ma 4C    Rasmiyah Shaik 4E    Lian Leung 4F

Bernadette Mak 5A    Lauren Li 5B    Charlotte Choi 5E    Chloe Wong 5E   


Chinese Section:

余尚穎 中三  胡希婷 中三己  馮旖晴 中四乙  謝枷榆 中四丁

丘思悅 中四丁  葉珈懿 中四丁  林家慧 中四  吳佩怡 中四



Carrie Chui 4B   Jasmine Lee 4B   Bliss Chan 5A   Helen Wong 5B



When was the last time you asked a question out of curiosity?  Looking back to early childhood when our innocent minds were like a blank sheet of paper, we explored the world intuitively by asking questions, beginning with a question mark in our heads. However, as we age, this question mark is easily buried in busy schedules, peer pressure or simply our ego. Therefore, we no longer question why we are doing what we are doing, blindly following our everyday routines and various expectations. In this issue of The St. Marian, we will find out the meaning and value behind these tasks.




中國人的瑰寶 – 禮




Epic Formula to Enquiry Projects

If you are to recall the many projects you have done in St. Mary’s, the most vivid memories will no doubt be the Integrated Humanities group project or the Liberal Studies IES project for junior and senior students respectively, as they take up quite a percentage of your subject marks, right? You must have in mind the grievances over the added workload, the time-consuming group meetings and the endless search for information. However, have you ever questioned why you have to work on projects even when you are so done with them? Here’s why!


Pleasure Leisure 悠然自得

Culture Shock 文化衝擊










The Kaleidoscope of Art


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” - Pablo Picasso. The various forms of art do have a soul-lifting impact on our lives. However, in the midst of inevitable routines and depressing stress, we often drift away from this source of spiritual nourishment. This is exactly where the Arts Ambassadors in our school come in.










Your Voice 您的聲音


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