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The St. Marian  聖瑪利報

2nd Issue, June 2017




Editors Note 編者的話


Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Edith Lui 5C


Teacher Advisors: Ms Joanna Chow Ms Queenie Lam


English Section:

4A Bernadette Mak  4B Lauren Li    4C Basilia Louie   4E Chloe Wong

5C Sabina Lam      5C Charissa Lau  5E Clara Chau    5E Joyce Lau


Chinese Section:

林家慧 中三己  吳佩怡 中三己   黃懷萱 中四戊  馮令宜 中四戊

唐芷欣 中四己   趙藝   中五丁  黃晴徽 中五戊



Bliss Chan 4A   Eva Yu 4D  Christy Chan 5E  Icy Lee 5F







朋友是人生中不可或缺的一部分。從古時的管鮑之交、刎頸之交、高山流水;到了近期城中熱話 — 「曾俊華X麥齊光拍住上」,他們都印證著朋友的重要性,朋友陪伴自己走過不少歲月。

我們有幸邀請到周正國老師(Mr Clark Chow) 和陳曉穎老師(Ms Angel Chan)分享他們對朋友的看法。






Walking out from the Dark

Have you ever faced any obstacles which unnerved you, or even threw you into chaos? In recent years, there has been a spike in the number of depressed youths in Hong Kong. According to a citywide survey conducted by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and the Institute of Education, over half of the secondary school students show signs of depression, and around 30 percent of students have an inclination to anxiety. In addition, a total of 22 young people committed suicide in 2016, and the four most recent cases occurred over a span of merely five days. Aren’t all these figures alarming? More has to be done to safeguard the mental wellbeing of youths in Hong Kong.


Pleasure Leisure 悠然自得

Culture Shock 文化衝擊







The New Era of YouTubers

 Do you have the habit of watching YouTube? How about videos from YouTubers? Is it that easy to become a YouTuber? There are often misconceptions about them. In fact, YouTubers always have to live with criticisms.






Your Voice 您的聲音


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