The Story

The Little Robot and the Unicorn - Million Miles Begin With a Single Step

To present our Motto this year, we came up with a story - The Little Robot and the Unicorn. This is a short video introducing the background of the story - Million Miles Begin With a Single Step. It is about a robot who was discouraged to pursue her dream and lost her own uniqueness. Not until she met the Unicorn…

In the story, can you relate yourselves to the character? Indeed, the Little Robot represents us, St. Marians, that we always study very hard just to live up to others’ expectations. The unicorn that buried inside the garbage indicates our forgotten dreams and uniqueness. And we, the student council, will act as the ship that carries all teachers and students in St. Mary’s. By embarking on this ship, together, we set sail and start our journey to rediscover our hidden talents and explore interesting things and people around us.





Chapter One: The Drift Bottle And The Banquet

Lunchtime Activity

Time passes and the Robot has already been on board for two months.One day, she received an invitation card from the crew,

"Ahoy! Welcome aboard, my friend! YOU ARE INVITED! We are having our WELCOMING BANQUET on the 2nd DECEMBER (Friday) in the open playground from 12:50-13:25. Let’s visit our booths, sing, dance and share a joyous afternoon with us and all other passengers."

Afterschool Activity
As the Banquet has come to an end, the Robot went outside to the deck. Suddenly, she stumbled upon A DRIFTING BOTTLE in the sea. Out of curiosity, she reached out her hands to pick up the bottle. There was a map inside called “THE LATENT SPARKLERS” with the following message, “5 gemstones are missing! Come and join the Treasure Hunt with this map after school in the covered playground.







Chapter Two: The Unveiled

One evening, as the Robot was exploring the ship, she came across a small dark room where a statue was at the centre and covered by white chiffon. Out of curiousity, the Robot slowly uncovered the fabric. All of a sudden, the room was lit up with vibrant colours and the statue came alive!

"Hello, my dear," said the statue. " you have taken up the courage to unveil the mystery, just as making your hidden talents and uniqueness come to light! Would you like to enjoy our talent show on the 19 December, starting from 12:55pm, in the covered playground?" There will be singing and dancing performances!"

"Sure! Can't wait to see the performers unveiling their hidden talents!"






Chapter Three: The Swirl

It was a windy cloudy day. Suddenly, a swirl was formed and soon there was a huge dark hole on the surface of the water. Many other ships were swept away by the swirl. Shocked, the robot heard the swirl speaking,

"So it's your turn now. I won't eat you for no reason. Why don't we have a little game? If you don’t fall into my trap, I'll let you go."

"Alright," said the robot,"challenge accepted. What is the game?" "Come to challenge at the open playground at 12:50pm on 28 February. There will be three traps. Let's see whether you will be trapped."