The St. Marian  聖瑪利報

2nd Issue, May 2018





Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Basilia Louie 5C


Teacher Advisors: Ms Joanna Chow Ms Queenie Lam


English Section:

Jean Lau 4B    Gianna Ma 4C    Rasmiyah Shaik 4E    Lian Leung 4F

Bernadette Mak 5A    Lauren Li 5B    Charlotte Choi 5E    Chloe Wong 5E   


Chinese Section:

余尚穎 中三  胡希婷 中三己  馮旖晴 中四乙  謝枷榆 中四丁

丘思悅 中四丁  葉珈懿 中四丁  林家慧 中四  吳佩怡 中四



Carrie Chui 4B   Jasmine Lee 4B   Bliss Chan 5A   Helen Wong 5B



在你眼中,成功是什麼? 文憑試擇星??考入心儀的大學?成為聲譽良好的富商?成為社會上有權力的人?在這個物質主義的社會中,我們對成功的定義往往就這樣被定型。可是你可有想過跳出這個框架,自己定義你專屬的成功?


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何謂成功?從出生開始我們一直堅定不移的朝著這個方向前進,可是到底怎樣才算是成功呢? 現今世代對成功的定義無非是擁有豐厚的財富、有名車、有洋房、讀名牌大學,或是做高階的職業,如醫生、律師等等。成功人士通常都有名氣、受歡迎、被仰慕。這些概念受著「凡人」的推崇,成為社會大眾奮鬥的目標,不論古今,千百年來也是如此。可是,是否只擁有這些物質層面上的成就才能被認定為「成功」?是不是當不成醫生、找不到金礦、做不成偶像就「不成功」?




Women through the Ages

Feminism is a well-manifested global movement nowadays, but have you ever thought of how women got to this stage of liberation and power? The status of women in society has been through many periods of oppression and empowerment. Let us examine the changing roles of women in the last century, leading them to where they belong now.



Culture Shock 文化衝擊

Pleasure Leisure 悠然自得







Behind the Facade of Beauty Standards

Scrolling down celebrity posts and advertisements on Instagram, everyone seems to be perfect - Camila Cabello’s curves, Kendall Jenner’s eyes, Korean artist IU’s skin tone. As curious teenagers, we are tempted to gauge our looks based on these iconic figures. Who doesn't want to look prettier? We start to be conscious of the fat around the belly and the tanned skin. Desperate to do something about them, we may start to starve ourselves in order to save up for the excessive beauty products that are way over our pocket money limits. However absurd it may sound, millions of girls around the world are living such a life.














Your Voice 您的聲音


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