So who are we?

Small Image About the Community Service Union

The Community Service Union has been actively promoting and organizing various social services for students in order to create a loved society.


Objectives The Community Service Union aims at

-providing students various opportunities to serve the society and the needy

-arousing students' awareness towards the society

-broadening students' horizon through different kinds of community services

-teaching students social service skills and communication skills

-making the society and the world a better place to live by love and care from the students


What is Community Service? Community Service is the sacrifice of ones' time and effort to improve the society without any material return.


Meaning of Community Service

-Express concern, love, care and compassion towards the needy

-Realize ones' potential and strengths and contribute to the society

-Enhance the bonding between human beings and cultivate ones' the sense of belongings towards the society

-Reflect social problems and the needs of different walks of life

-Act as a bridge between the society and different groups of people

-Enrich ones' experience and broaden ones' horizon