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Record System

Each student has a community service logbook to record their experiences in serving the society. At the end of the scholastic year, students who had actively participated in social services will be awarded.

Students need to fill in the details correctly & get the stamp of the organization within 2 weeks. & write reflection for any 2 services.

The minimum time of any service should not be less than 40 minutes.

Regulations of using this Community Service logbook:

    1. Students should keep this Community Service logbook throughout your secondary school life at St. Mary’s.
    2. Students are encouraged to participate in community service at least two times in each school academic year.
    3. Students can serve as a volunteer to non –profit making organizations, which arrange programs to the community.
    4. If the service is organized by external organization, students need to get the stamp of the organization as a proof of participation, within 2 weeks after service. If the service is organized by school teachers /social workers, students can get the signature of the staff member in charge for endorsement followed by her /his name.
    5. The maximum number of services that can be recorded in the log book for the same target group is ONE per day.
    6. For every 2 services done in a year, students need to write reflection for one service.
    7. The class teacher will check and endorse students’ participation in the logbook at the end of each academic year.
    8. Students are required to take good care of this logbook. If it is lost or damaged, students should replace it with a new one, which can be purchased at $2.50 from the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the recess.
    9. For any queries regarding the nature of service, advisors of the Community Service Union can be approached. Students may check for information about the Community Service Scheme by referring to the student handbook. In case of dispute on nature of service, Community Service Union’s decision is final.




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